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You know that thing when you try to describe something by using a term used

to narrate a completely different story..

And it sticks?


Well, it’s a real thing..

And Black Friday is proof that it’s real.

How come, pilgrim?

Because the term “Black Friday” was used for the first time in 1870.

To describe the day the gold market collapsed.

Gold was a big thing back then..

Like startups today..

but with lumps of shiny rocks 🙂

Here’s a link from the NYTimes archive in case you like history and facts.

It’s a cool little story.

So, here you go!

(The link will open a .pdf from the NYT archive, by the don’t freak out).

And then, almost a hundred years later, “Black Friday” re-appears.

In Philly.

The day after Thanksgiving.

By a bunch of frustrated police officers.

Trying (without much success) to handle the shopping crowds,

avoid minor injuries,

and keep the peace and order.

So they gave the name “Black Friday” to describe their frustration.

And it sticked.

Up until today..

And just like every year since then, Black Friday came and passed.

And this year, internet sales crushed it.

A staggering $5.03 Billion in online sales, 16% higher than last year.

On the other side, retail stores saw a 1% drop in sales.

And Macy’s story helped to reach this number.

I mean, what a terrible thing to happen.


To lose your credit card processors, on Black Friday?

To have to fight a falling share price (half of what it was last year),

to deal with the raise of internet sales..

(You know, the ones that just made Amazon’s Jeff Bezos worth over $100 billion).

..and then this?


I guess, that’s only a natural result of where things are heading..

Less shopping at stores, and more button-clicking on our mobiles and tablets.

So, those were the things that caught my attention on this year’s Black Friday.

I learned the origins of the name, read some stories of success and failure, and saw all sorts of creative, and ridiculous promotions all over the world.

‘Till next year,

Be safe everybody!