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So many lists..

Lists for blog posts, for emails, for anything you can imagine.

And people are subscribing and unsubscribing faster than the blink of an eye.

Mostly because business posts and business mails usually serve one function.

“Sell, sell, and sell some more”.

But if you think about it, a selling mentality is just the tip of the iceberg.

A bigger problem is what are you selling and to whom.

It’s like using different tires depending on weather or driving conditions.

Sure, you can drive on normal roads and country roads with the same set of tires.

But it’s not very safe. Is it?

You have to drive slower..

Your tires and shock absorbers get damaged easier..

You risk a flat tire or even worse, an accident.

So, you go on a trip to the the winter.

And there’s snow on the road.. lots and lots of snow.

And the brand new “all-weather, kick-ass” tires you bought didn’t deliver.

But that’s what the salesperson at the shop told you.

-”They are good for all conditions”.

-”No worries, these babies will get you anywhere”.

-”No man, you don’t need a pair of snow chains. Just buy these tires”.

Is this how communication should look like?

Are we communicating things that our readers/clients want?

Things that make their lives easier? Or not?

Maybe they think I’m just another “salesman” out for their money?

It’s a really fun exercise to do, you know..

Discover what your audience needs and just offer it to them.

Not like a greedy, money-hungry barbarian.

A transaction is implied most of the times, anyway.. no reason to be a jerk about it..

So why not being a bright spot in their day..

The guy who sells a pair of useful and life-saving snow chains, instead of a super expensive set of useless all terrain tires.

Wouldn’t you like to be served by THAT guy?

So maybe, do it like this.. Talk and sell what your tribe wants,

and stop worrying about people abandoning your lists.

Make people be HAPPY to hear from you, not being SICK of hearing from you.

Be safe everybody,