Why bother looking for a job during Christmas

So you lost your job.

The first thing you think when it happens, is “Why now?”.. ”Why me?”

You were planning Christmas presents, and buying a tree.

Looking through your massive “Xmas to-do list”, making sure you don’t forget anything.

And then, this happens. And you have to deal with it. Fast!

..or slow..

after all..

We are not the same.

Others bounce back pretty fast.

Others take their time.

Others give up.

And with Christmas coming, the excuses to “leave things for later”, multiply.

I mean, it’s Christmas, right?

Who hires during Christmas?

Who will see my resume, and call me for an interview?

Nobody, right?


There are more reasons than you can think of, to send a resume this time of the year.

Because people and companies have needs.

Needs to fill positions.

Or to meet their quotas and goals.

There are lots or reasons jobs get filled even days before the holidays, and you can do it if you want to.

But more on this, later.

The most important thing for you right now is to stay active and focused.

Because the consequences of the opposite can be pretty severe.

What could go bad?

Let’s go beyond the obvious one; the financial loss which is self-explanatory.

No job, no money. That’s it.

Or less money.

From unemployment benefits, a spouse, or a rainy-day fund..

But the loss of a job, is not just the loss of a paycheck.

We are humans, after all. And we have feelings.

A job loss is much more than “just money”.

  • It’s the loss of our “routine” at minimum.
  • It can be a threat to our living standards.
  • It can also affect our social surroundings.
  • Our connections with friends from our work. Our colleagues.

And there’s more..

Unemployment affects our personality.

Maybe we become less aggreable.

Less considerate, sympathetic, and even less warm towards others.

And as the time passes, we start noticing other things.

We become less careful.

Or less vigilant, and self-disciplined.

It can affect the way we perform a task.

Or our ability to take obligations to others, seriously.

For a lot of people, their job defines who they are.

And when it’s gone, they feel there’s no life vest to grab on.

Unemployed Americans for example, are 2x more likely to suffer, or have received treatment for depression, than those with full-time jobs.

And one in every five long-term unemployed people are, or have been treated for depression!

They also tend to spend less time interacting with people.

Less than 2 hours daily.

Have you noticed that?

Not feeling like you want to talk to others?

The folks at Buzzfeed might be feeling like that..

In case you missed it, Buzzfeed is planning (according to the Wall Street Journal) a massive round of layoffs.

Eight percent (8%) of its US workforce!

The story broke after company revenue targets dropped by 15%-20%.

Job cuts will mostly affect business and sales staff.

It’s a really surprising story.

Not only for the market, but also for the employees.

Buzzfeed was one of the case studies of social media and digital success in the previous years.

But like many media outlets last year, traffic and revenues dropped.

By a lot!

Imagine living like that..

I mean, imagine been told that layoffs are coming.

You go to work every day waiting for the inevitable to happen.

With the holidays just around the corner..

So what do you do?

Do you postpone your plans just because it’s Christmas?

Or do you start looking for alternatives?

Start networking again?

And updating your resume?

Of course you do. And here’s why!

Unspent budgets

Company departments have yearly budgets.

Often if they don’t spend the money, they might not get it again next year.

So managers have a reason to fill new positions.

Lots of networking opportunities.

It’s the time of the year to reconnect with old friends and meet new people.

It’s a great opportunity to make some phone calls and attend some events or parties.

They are all around the place.

It’s Christmas after all.

Lots of drop-outs.

A lot of people think just like you.

They think nobody hires at Christmas.

They stop looking until after the New Year celebrations.

Their loss is your gain.

Take care of your image.

It’s also a great opportunity to take a look at your resume.

What has changed since you last updated it.

Then your LinkedIn profile.

If you don’t have one, it’s a great opportunity to create one.

Take a look at your skills and achievements.

Make additions and corrections.

And focus on the skills that will help you get the job that fits you the best.

Contact some recruiters.

Look at your Linkedin profile, or your rolodex.

Get in touch with people you worked or just talked to, in the past.

People like hiring managers and/or recruiters.

Make some phone calls or send some emails.

And don’t be annoying or pushy.

Nobody likes that.

Take an extra step.

You are by definition an expert on something.

Your previous job can attest to that.

So you are in essence, a consultant.

Print some business cards with your profession + consultant as your business title.

If anything else fails, you can at least target jobs that require extra hands as the year comes to an end.

That way, you stay active, relevant, and employed until a full-time opportunity appears.

Look, we can keep adding reasons all day long.

The main point here is that Christmas is as good as any other time of the year to find a job.

And by doing that, you avoid all the bad emotions, conditions, and consequences of giving up.


If you don’t take care of yourself, you cannot take care or help those around you.

Are you going to take care of yourself this year?