A Money-Making Powerhouse

BucksParadise.com was created on May 5, 2018, and has been advertised on Youtube and a few contextual advertising networks. This business requires buying ads each month (You get all info about what ads to buy and from what sellers).

Why you should buy this business:

1. Making on average $100+ a day (Over $3,000 a month).
2. Has it's own support team.
3. Takes around 20 minutes a day to keep it running and stay profitable.
4. Has the huge potential in terms of increasing revenue up to
$1,000 a day and more (more time and investments required).

Remember, you will work on this; we just spend enough on ads and tech support to keep it running, and still make $3,000/month!

This business is mainly active in Latin American countries, India, United Kingdom, Canada. (No need to learn Spanish, support team takes care about Spanish clients).

After you buy this business, your duties are: pay for hosting, domain, ssl on time; keep on ordering advertising on YouTube and a few other networks. We will provide full info.

"Proof of Monthly income available" 

Get access to the backend for a month and watch the site's operation and daily revenues in real time. You will need to deposit a refundable guarantee amount in order to do this, of course. Access only to serious investors with serious buying intent, This is your due diligence and acquisition audit. We are totally transparent and we sell only businesses that make profits. And this is the way we prove it to you.

"Multiple Revenue Streams" 

Apart from the site's main operation, you can make extra money by offering a franchise model to people interested, and other digital marketing services from inside the platform. Just promote and get paid!

"An unbeatable payment plan"

We offer you the business with the option of paying in 3 installments. You can literally pay us by using each month's revenue. The business is already making $3000/month on average. So, in reality you will need to produce  almost half of the asking price.

Facilities & Assets 

1. Full website with all files.
2. SSL account.
3. Hosting account.
4. Domain name.
5. Clients base.
4. All marketing material.
5. Merchant accounts.
6. Support team.
7. Lifetime email support.

Support & Training

You get full information on how and where from to buy ads (on Youtube and other advertizing networks) + a complete plan to get to $1,000+ a day with Youtube only.
24/7 email support is free

Market & Competition

The business is built using a unique and up to date business model. There are no direct threats to its growth and revenue potential. Yes, it's That Good :)

Growth / Expansion

To make this business earn over $1,000 daily, you will need to order ads from Youtube in different countries, like
Spain, France, Germany, China and many others. We will provide all marketing materials.


Total expenses including advertising cost are $250 - $300 each month, at the moment. You are free (and strongly encouraged) to increase your spending in order to enjoy the revenues this business is built to create. 

Ready to Buy? Want access to the backend*?

I just have a quesion to ask (or two..)

*You will need to deposit $500 as security for backend access.